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Pre-Sale Questions

Where is IPMedia Web Hosting located?

IPMedia operates in Australia. IPMedia's head office is located in Brisbane, Australia.

Why are your prices so cheap?

IPMedia sells domain names and web hosting by volume and automation, which allows us to make web hosting affordable and accessible to everyone. Our prices and packages have been designed to compete in the global market place. We also provide powerful web based tools that our customers to manage their own accounts at the click of a mouse, just like a web professional.

What are your server specifications, network and data centre information?

More information about our server specifications, network and data centre is available here:

What happens if I require more features than the highest plan available?

We do offer custom plans once you exceed the limits of the highest package we offer. Keep in mind, all our packages have been designed with very generous limits. If a custom plan is required, please contact our sales team.

Are there any hidden costs, or setup fees or contracts with web hosting packages?

There are no hidden costs or lock-in contracts, some plans have setup fees.

What happens if I exceed my monthly data transfer for the month?

We do not charge for additional monthly data transfer. Our system will email you when you have reached approx. 80% of your monthly data transfer usage. At this point, we recommend you upgrade to a more suitable package to suit your hosting requirements. If you decide not to upgrade, and your monthly data transfer reaches more than allowed limit of your hosting package, your web site will not be able to deliver your web site. The monthly data transfer limits are reset to zero on the first of each month.

I am registering a domain name and the online order form is constantly telling me "invalid telephone number format" or similar.

Please ensure you have entered your telephone number in the domain name registration/billing contact fields on the last page of the order form. In total, you should enter your phone number in 3 places. If you receive an error stating invalid telephone number format, please ensure your telephone has been entered correctly and the domain registration information is valid. The domain registration information can not be left blank, or without a telephone number for the admin/billing contacts.

The telephone number should be entered in the following format:

+(country code).(area)(telephone). e.g. +61 7 0000 0000

Do I need a domain name for my website?

Yes, a domain name is required for your web site to function. Web hosting and domain names are two separate products which work together to give you a web site and/or email services. When you register a domain name from IPMedia, you can package this domain with hosting at the time of signup, or use your domain name with any hosting provider.

Can I host multiple domain names? What are add-on domains?

Selected hosting packages can support multiple domain name hosting at no additional cost. (The budget and email hosting packages do not support multiple domain name hosting). Addon domains allow you to host multiple domain names from one hosting account, utilising the extra space and bandwidth available on your main hosting account. Addon domains point to a subdirectory within your main hosting account. From a web user's perspective, an add-on domain functions just like any other domain name, and the user will not know the site is hosted from your main account. The browser's address bar will show '' (no reference to your main domain name). Addon domains are created through your control panel (check to see if your hosting package includes them).

What are sub-domains?

Sub domains are domain names which point to a subdirectory within your main hosting account and can be accessed by Sub domains are available to create through your control panel (check to see if your hosting package includes them). Subdomains are useful if you want to create a sub-web site, like a 'Customer Support web site', with its very own web address. Sub domains are created through your control panel.

You are only limited by web space for the number of web pages you wish to host. The business package for example includes 3000MB of web space, which is a lot of pages, movies, etc.

Do you offer SSH (shell access) or terminal services (remote desktop)?

IPMedia does not offer SSH or terminal services access on our shared hosting plans, as it lowers the security of our servers for all users. IPMedia has provided many alternatives to using these protocols, such as phpMyAdmin for editing your databases and a File Manager to give you complete control over your files. In a modern hosting environment these tools are very rarely required.

Do you allow sites to advertise for money on their web site with banners, ads, etc?

Yes, we allow sites to have commercial advertisements and banners. We do not place our own banners or advertisements on your web site.

Do you have examples of sites that you host?

Yes, we have a list of sites we host on different servers available here.

What operating systems do your servers use?

Our servers currently run Redhat Linux Enterprise Version 4 (Linux).
For more information about our servers go here:

Do you host pornographic web sites?

No, we do not allow pornographic web sites, mainly because it lowers the overall security of our servers for all users. We do however allow web sites with legal, adult content e.g. erotic stories, online stores, etc.

Is GST (goods and sales tax) included in the advertised price?

GST is included in the advertised price and our order form will charge GST for Australian customers as required by law.

Can I host my friends on my hosting?

Yes, you can host your friends.

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