Our Network

Our Premium Data Centre is of a Tier-3 standard and was designed to achieve maximum uptime, stability and redundancy, and features the following specifications:


Our redundant Cisco powered network is built to ensure maximum network connectivity and uptime. IP Medias' multiple fiber optic backbone connections enter the data centre through physically separate conduits in order to maintain connectivity in the unlikely event of a fiber cut.

Our Australian network features:

  • Multiple Cisco 7206VXR series routers with redundant power supplies.
  • Multi-homed Redundant Network (AS4851).
  • BGP4 Routing for automatic routing in the event of a carrier failing and best path.
  • Redundant Core Cisco Network Design utilising HSRP and OSPF protocols.
  • Un crowded, high burstability network with Gbit connectivity.

Server Cluster

Each cPanel server group is comprised of Fvie (5) linux servers clustered together via a gigabit ethernet connection. Two (2) servers containing cPanel, Three (3) servers containing mySQL and Two (2) servers containing DNS server software all clustered together to ensure maximum uptime.

Each server is fitted with the latest firewall and brute force detection software available on the market, to this day we have NOT had a mijor breach in security (we did experience a minor breach sue to a vulnerability in pervious billing software), so we can ensure our customers their web site content is safe and secure with Internet and Print Media!

Server Group Layout

  1. cPanel / Mail / mySQL Server
  2. cPanel / Mail / mySQL Server
  3. DNS Server
  4. DNS Server
  5. mySQL Server

cPanel Server Specifications

  • 2 x Dual Core AMD Opterons 2.4GHz each
  • 12GB RAM
  • 4 x 500 GB HDDs in RAID 10 configuration
  • Three Gigabit Ethernet Connections
  • Linux Based Operating System
  • WHM / cPanel